Here are some commonly asked questions which we hope will help you find out more about chiropractic. We are always happy to answer questions via phone or email so please contact us if your question isn’t listed.
What is a chiropractor?
A chiropractor is someone who is trained to assess your spinal, cranial, nervous and muscular system and how it relates to your overall health. They treat the whole body – from head to toe – and focus on re-aligning your joints and restoring their motion to allow your body to heal naturally.
What qualifications do chiropractors have?
All chiropractors study for at least 5 years at university where they learn radiography, general diagnosis, neurology, neuro-orthopaedics, anatomy and biomechanics to name a few! Every chiropractor also has to carry out a minimum of 30 hours of continued professional development every year. There is a regulatory body, the General Chiropractic Council which ensures that chiropractors offer the best treatment possible to their patients.
I’ve heard there’s “no scientific evidence” for chiropractic, is this true?
One of the things we are very passionate about here at Hands on Health is educating people that there is more to science and medicine than taking drugs. Chiropractic is a gentle therapy using the hands, however it is powerful!

There is a wealth of scientific research carried out by all kinds of medical professionals to show that it works. In 2006 the Department of Health advised all GPs that chiropractic adjustments should be used early on to alleviate back pain.

How many treatments do I need?
The number of treatments depends on many factors: your age, the type of problem, it’s severity and how long you have had it.

Once you have visited for your new patient examination the chiropractor will be able to give you a much better idea of how many visits you will require. Most people need at least 6-8 sessions for long-term improvement and new movement patterns to occur.

We often see new patients twice a week initially, to allow the body to accept the new changes. Our aim is to help you to get and stay well and we will continually discuss your health goals and treatment plan with you.

A chiropractic adjustment involves using our hands to gently move your joints using a small but very fast impulse to restore their normal function. The adjustment brings increased motion and muscle relaxation whilst freeing you from pain and discomfort.

Contrary to what you may have heard, manipulation isn’t painful. The sound you hear during treatment is caused by harmless bubbles of gas being released from the synovial fluid between your joints.

While a safe and effective treatment method, chiropractors don’t always adjust very young or elderly patients and instead use more gentle, alternative skilled techniques.

1st Visit
Everyone at Hands on Health is very friendly and welcoming so you’ll be in safe hands from the moment you walk through our door. Our aim is to make you feel relaxed and reassured.

  1. About you – We’ll begin by asking you to fill in a short form about yourself, focusing on your health and how you’d like us to help you.
  2. Finding out more – Your chiropractor will talk to you in more detail about your health, including any problems you have, your health history and your lifestyle. If they believe chiropractic treatment is right for you, a physical examination will be conducted. This is likely to include looking at your posture and how your joints move for example. You will not be asked to undress during the examination however you may be asked to expose certain areas if it is essential for the diagnosis and chaperones are available upon request. The chiropractor may also recommend x-rays which are taken at the first visit if required.
  3. How we can help – Once we know a bit more about you, we’ll explain exactly how we can help. This will include discussing the results of your examination, the likely cause of any problems and our recommendations for treatment. The chiropractor will also give advice and exercises for you to do at home in order to get the best results.
  4. Starting treatment – If you’re happy following the report of findings of the physical examination and X-ray results where applicable, treatment will commence.
  5. Follow up visits – At each visit, we’ll review your progress and talk about how you’ve responded to treatment. In addition, we can also discuss how to prevent your problem re-occurring in the future and how we can help you stay well.
Prevention & Self Help
As well as diagnosing and treating problems, we can help prevent problems in the future, by helping you identity any strain your body may be under because of work, sport or your lifestyle for instance and by giving you advice and support on exercise and nutrition.
Time with Todd may seem short but I am always astounded by what he achieves in terms of my physical body, my self understanding and my emotional self!
Christina H
Very helpful and very thorough!
Rob C
Excellent as always! Feel great after my adjustment!
Jeremy S
I have been coming to the clinic for some years and I have no doubt that I have benefited from my treatments here! I could not live without knowing that I can come to be adjusted. The clinic has a very friendly and supportive atmosphere. Thank you for a great all round experience!
Elizabeth M
Professionalism with a smile!
Chris H
Very professional. Like the appointment reminders via text message!
Carl D
Professional and caring. I always feel as though there is support for any health issue! A real comfort!
Anita H
Todd is a miracle worker. He is always positive and encouraging. He gives me huge confidence about my health and can always sort my body out! I trust him implicitly!
Meg M
Always a friendly welcome which always helps, especially to those new to Chiropractic care. Todd always explains his treatment and listens to concerns and additional problems that could be related to your condition.
Adam C
Relaxed and happy atmosphere in clinic. Everyone is very helpful and the adjustments have really been helping my back!
Theresa N
Staff 10/10! My back at the start 0/10, My Back now 10/10!
Christian P
Todd has improved my quality of life 10 fold. From being off work every 6 weeks I now have not been off work for over 3 months
Anthony L
Always friendly and supportive!
David & Ann
My treatments have been very positive and individual to me. He is skilled, listened to the problems I had and his advice, understanding and professional background have helped me enormously!
Anne H
Friendly and welcoming, always lovely to visit.
Charlotte & Rob
Faultless personalised care backed up by unrivalled knowledge which has really helped me as an athlete!
Joseph S
Responsive and accessible and always providing good practical advice
Ian D
Always very helpful and full of good advice for any injury/condition
Beth H
Very experienced and very helpful
Natalie D
Don't know where I'd be without Hands On Health! Been treated elsewhere but none have come close!
Matthew W
I can move again! I am now pain free for the first time in 18 years!
Marc P
Very good, friendly service. Helpful and understanding with your problems. Always able to offer the best advice!
Peter W


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