will-adjustments-make-my-spine-too-loose_web (1)You may have heard this concern voiced by those who don’t fully understand how chiropractic works.

Most spinal problems come in pairs. Usually there’s an area of the spine that is not moving adequately, accompanied by another area that compensates by moving too much.

This area can even be at opposite ends of the spine! They’re called compensation reactions.

Your body is constantly dealing with the force of gravity. When one area of your spine malfunctions, an equal and opposite reaction can appear elsewhere.

This is why patients are often surprised that we examine their upper back when their complaint is in their lower back.

Our goal is to avoid the compensations and focus on the primary subluxations. The spinal joints that move too much are avoided so muscles and ligaments can stabilize and heal. When we add motion to stuck spinal joints, areas that are too loose can properly heal.