It’s hard to escape allergy season. Everywhere you go, people are sneezing, coughing or suffering with runny noses and sinus headaches. These little irritations are enough to keep you home instead of out enjoying yourself at the park, playing golf, or taking a walk by the beach.

The knee-jerk response is to take antihistamines, but there are natural remedies you can opt for instead:

1. Become more mindful of your stress level. Allergies often emerge because the body has little margin to handle additional stress.

2. Try a hot towel. Place a hot towel on your face (of course, not too hot) and sit with it covering your forehead and nasal area. Relax for a few minutes as the heat breaks up mucus in your sinuses.

3. Visit our practice. If it’s been a while since you’ve visited our practice, consider an adjustment to help your nervous system better accommodate allergies.