get-unplugged_web-1Calls, alerts, texts and social media … it’s all right there on your phone and computer.

We can all be guilty of relying on technology, but when face time is replaced with screen time, it may be too much.

Do you check social media too much throughout the day? Are you less productive at work? Do you spend less time engaging with those around you than you used to?

Challenge yourself to unplug and experience the benefits!

Sleep better without distractions.

Enjoy more meaningful relationships.

Catch the little moments that make life precious.

Relax with time to read a book.

Refocus on what’s important and live life.

Visit us regularly to stay healthy.

Take some time to put down your phone and be productive, present and there for the important things in life.

Keep it simple and enjoy life with a fresh perspective, hands-free!