the-brain-boosting-benefits-of-exerciseSure, exercise gets the heart pumping, but did you know that just as exercise boosts cardiovascular health, it also promotes cerebral and mental health? When you exercise, there’s an increase in blood flow to the brain. The result is a boost in cognitive capabilities.

Whether you swim a few laps, cycle for miles or run for a few minutes, the physical activity you do can help sharpen your mental performance and enhance your ability to learn.

An increase in brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which stimulates brain cell growth, is another benefit of exercise. Mental health may improve with exercise, too, as working out is an effective and natural way to relieve stress, anxiety and even depression.

Exercise also helps keep the brain spry, and may stave off dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Plus, In addition to working out, getting regular chiropractic adjustments can help you feel great.