Discomfort, soreness and stiffness can make it hard to turn your head and difficult to get comfortable while doing almost anything. To put it simply, neck pain can be a real pain in the neck! Even minor neck pain can affect your quality of life – but relief is available, and it doesn’t come from a bottle.

While most neck pain is related to emotional stress like worrying about a deadline, physical stress is also a contributing factor. Here are a few ways to reduce physical stress on your neck.

1. Take frequent breaks from sitting in front of a computer. Keep your head aligned with your spine and relax your jaw—the same goes for when you’re texting.
2. Sleeping on your stomach can stress your neck. Try a side or back position with a supportive neck pillow.
3. Move. Shrug your shoulders up and down. Pull your shoulder blades together to prevent the neck from stiffening.
4. Make regular chiropractic care a part of your routine.