how-to-heighten-your-immune-system-this-holiday-season_webThe holiday season is fast approaching and sometimes it brings more than joy. With important work deadlines, family plans and sometimes stress, it’s also a common time of the year for our bodies to become drained leading to illness.

Here’s how you can ensure peak holiday health.

Incorporate more Vitamin C into your diet organically. This means choosing foods like oranges, red peppers and broccoli instead of popping synthetic vitamins.

Skip the sugar. We tend to lose sight of eating well over the holidays and indulge in things we usually wouldn’t, which can compromise our bodies.

Get adjusted. Chiropractic care can help keep your nervous system in balance. When your nervous system is working properly, so are other critical bodily systems important to your health. Make an appointment before you start to feel a cold or flu coming on!