energze-your-work-day-naturally_webIt’s two in the afternoon, and you’ve had too many starchy foods for lunch. The result: your energy level has taken a nosedive.

Combatting a slump during the workday doesn’t have to include copious amounts of caffeine. Try these natural energizers to keep you plugging along ‘til five or beyond.

Conduct meetings or take phone calls on your feet. Stretch, do simple exercises or take a brisk 10-15 minute walk. If possible, consider getting a standing desk.

Satisfy hunger and avoid that slump with a high-protein snack such as almonds or a boiled egg. Avoid sugar as you’ll likely experience a crash, which may make you sleepier.

Drink more water and whilst you should limit caffeine, drinking a cup of green tea can provide the perfect pick-me-up and many health benefits.

Visiting us for regular chiropractic checkups is another great way to keep your body healthy and energized!