3-ways-to-encourage-workplace-wellnessPracticing healthy habits is important wherever you are, and since most of us spend hours each day at work behind a desk, it can be a challenge to keep up on our wellness.

Instead of giving in to our newfound “workaholic” lifestyle, consider these three ways you can ensure you’re putting your health first at work.

1. Use an office bulletin board to share healthy recipes with co-workers. This isn’t just good for your diet—you’ll love getting to try new meals here and there.

2. Start a “break-time” walking club. You don’t have to go far or for long—even a lap or two around your office will get your heart pumping and muscles stretched.

3. Some offices provide snacks, which can be a nice perk of the job, though they may not always be the healthiest. Suggest a healthier alternative snack to your manager to help keep your office nutritious.