Further to advice initially allowing us to see acute cases only, we have now been advised that we may see all cases including routine/maintenance cases.


We are following all scientific advice from Public Health England and The British Chiropractic Association to ensure both our patients and clinic team are kept safe and can benefit from our care.

In view of this, we wanted to share the measures we are currently taking whilst running a restricted clinic service in accordance with current legislation:

  • There will only be one Chiropractor in the building at any one time. This reduces the number of people in the clinic and allows social distancing to be maintained as far as possible.

  • All appointments will be spaced out to allow the clinic to be thoroughly cleaned in between each patient.

  • Please arrive as close to your appointment time as possible (maybe 1-2 minutes early).

  • Each patient who enters the building is promptly directed to the treatment room (no waiting area available). This means a patient will only ever have contact with the Chiropractor – nobody else.

  • PPE equipment is worn by the Chiropractor. You are welcome to wear PPE also but this is not mandatory.

  • Prior to your appointment you will be sent an electronic COVID-19 consent form with your appointment confirmation email. This screens out at risk patients, patients who may have shown symptoms or who may have been in contact with others who show symptoms.

  • Contactless payment systems are in place.

Thank you for your understanding, we appreciate your patience and adaptability to these new changes that will benefit everybody. We will continue to stay up to date with any changes in guidance and update our policies accordingly.


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