5-ways-to-banish-your-inner-slouch-potato_webLike brushing your teeth and getting adequate exercise, standing up straight is all but required for a happy and healthy life. But from time to time, we’re all guilty of poor posture here and there. Consider these five tips to help keep your spine straight!

1. Avoid leaning towards your computer, which often results in forward head posture. Instead, increase the font size if you find yourself squinting and make sure the screen is level with your eyes.

2. Stay hydrated. When you have back or leg pain, your posture can be compromised. Hydrated tissue heals faster than dehydrated tissue.

3. Keep moving. Exercise each day and avoid sitting for long periods of time.

4. Build self-confidence. Your posture is the first thing others notice, influencing your confidence and energy level.

5. Can’t figure out why you’re a slouch potato? Determine the underlying cause with chiropractic care.